ACSET strives to have an economically-empowered and enlightened community that works together to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable, healthy lifestyles for vulnerable children, youth and women.

Current Projects

A vulnerable child lives vulnerable life, becomes a vulnerable parent who in turn gives birthto a vulnerable child completing vulnerability cycle.

Promotion of Renewable Energy Use in Uganda (ProREU)

ACSET Uganda in partnership with URBIS foundation is implementing a project entitled, Promotion of Renewable Energy Use in Uganda (ProREU), with funding from GIZ. This project is implemented in 8 districts of the Lango sub region and contributes to the overall “Green People’s Energy” aim, which ...Read more

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Promoting Rural Development in Northern Uganda (PRUDEV) (2018 – 2022)

Promoting Rural Development (PRU-DEV) in Northern Uganda is a GIZ tendered project being implemented by ACSET Uganda in a consortium with ICON-INSTITUT GmbH in 10 districts in Lango and Acholi sub-regions. The objective of the project is: “The agricultural-based ...Read more

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Youth Vocational Training

Skills for All Vocational Training Institute (S4A VTI) was started in March 2019 by a joined force of ACSET Uganda, Van Doorn Foundation and Gered Gereedschap from The Netherlands. S4A VTI trains young Ugandans on vocational skills and helps them to build self-confidence by allowing them to utilize their unique gifts and talents in generating income from self-employment and meaningful employment. The ultimate ...Read more

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Raised: 00.000$ Goal: 10.000$

Child Sponsorship Programme

Northern Uganda suffered for decades under the atrocities of The Lords Resistant Army (LRA) rebels that killed millions of people, abducted millions of children and many children left orphans. The rebel activities led to ...Read more

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