Women Livelihood Improvement Project II (We-Live II)

In partnership with Feed the Minds, ACSET Uganda is implementing the “Women Livelihood Improvement Project II (We-Live II) in Amolatar district, Northern Uganda. The specific Sub-counties are Etam, Awelo, Arwotcek, Akwon, and Abeja Sub-County in Amolatar District.

The We-Live II project aims to improve the economic resilience, health, and food security of 1,200 households in Amolatar District by 2025 through the provision of training in improved agricultural practices, income generation skills, and financial literacy.

The project focuses on improving the social-economic status of marginalized households by involving women and youth in good agricultural practices to improve food security, training and engaging in income-generating activities (small businesses), vegetable kitchen gardening to improve nutrition, training in financial literacy, life skills and village savings and loan associations (VSLA) methodology.