RELIEF Programme (Renewable Energy for Light, Economic-empowerment and Food) in Partnership with Urbis-Foundation

Renewable Energy for Light, Economic empowerment & Food (RELIEF – Project) has been implemented in two villages (Agamotic and Amuk) and two schools (Etam Seed Secondary School and Arwot Community Primary School) in Etam Sub-county in Amolatar District in Northern Uganda. RELIEF Project is to improve on the education, health and livelihoods of the rural households through cheap and sustainable source of energy. And to improve on the economic resilience of women. Goal: Promote use of renewable energy at households, schools & health centers. What has been done so far: Two schools with a total of 657 students and pupils now have renewable source of energy (solar lighting system) for night studies, charging of phones and operation of laptops. 2. Two Villages with a total of 200 beneficiaries (households) now have renewable potable self-rechargeable solar lantern for night use and pupils night reading at home. 3. Three groups of women (self-help groups) totaling to 90 members are still undergoing training on financial literacy, business skills and village savings and loan association (VSLA). 4. The three women groups are actively saving income in their VSLA and loaning small amount of money to its members in order to strengthen members’ small businesses (income generating activities). 5. The use of paraffin among the 200 beneficiaries (households) has reduced by 75% according to our survey.