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Youth Sponsorship Programme

Northern Uganda suffered for decades under the atrocities of The Lords Resistant Army (LRA) rebels that killed millions of people, abducted millions of children and many children left orphans. The rebel activities led to the break-down of social and cultural structures in the region resulting to; poor education, extreme poverty, high HIV/AIDs, high rate of school drop outs due to poverty and early marriages among school going children. There are more than 3.2 million orphans and abandoned children who regularly go hungry and sleep on the streets in Uganda. With no government resources to meet their needs, these children are left helpless and susceptible to preventable disease, violence, crime, and worse. They lack all basic life necessities including an education. Through sponsorship, you can meet their basic needs and provide them with hope for a better future. ACSET Uganda has designed Child Sponsorship Programme (CSP) to support vulnerable children and youth in their education by facilitating their school needs and personal needs. The CSP programme ensures children completes their education (formal, Technical and Vocational Skill Training) to gain meaningful employment or self-employment to enable self-sustainability. The CSP provides access to inclusive and quality education to vulnerable children and youth in Uganda. You can donate USD 36 month or USD 432 for one full year covering fees, scholastic materials and personal needs. We need your support in order to sponsor these children. Click donate now to sponsor a child. Write to us to get details of the child and also to contact the child directly.
In return for your sponsorship, you will receive:

  • Information about your child to include: date of birth, history, and health status
  • An updated picture of your child once per year
  • Updates and/or letters from your child at least twice per year
  • Access to your child’s webpage to view their pictures and mailings
  • The opportunity to send your child letters and gifts
  • Periodic updates from ACSET Uganda.